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Sheep or Wolf?

“You will want to read this when prostate cancer’s threats come a-calling.
Urologists say the cancer is coming for every man.
This book carries a lot of weight of experience.”

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About The Book

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Prostate Cancer Sheep or Wolf? has been professionally edited and medically reviewed. I gave serious considerations to what would be included, and I did not want it to emulate a medical text book nor alter my experiences with the aid of a ghost or co-writer.

Scientific References

Quickly I realized the internet was both a resource and a nightmare—and that Doctor Google was not as helpful as one would hope. I have cited my most important sources and I hope you find them most helpful.

About Me

I was a very healthy and active young man, not predisposed to prostate cancer and not in a high-risk category due to family histories or old age, but indeed came to have prostate cancer. I am a regular guy, leaving home at 18 and supporting myself ever since. I have a zest for life whilst being humble and discreet. I am a father of two and raised my children on my own from elementary school onward.
When I was diagnosed I felt as if my life and lifestyle were on the line. I strived to avoid surgery, but after careful consideration ended up choosing that as my first treatment, wanting the full removal of the tumor burden. Radiation followed a year later. After another year advanced imaging identified remaining cancer.
Results from that advanced imaging indicated the cancer had not yet settled in bone, a most common site for metastatic cancer. However, five lymph nodes in the pelvic region were suspect for malignancy. The best interpretation I have is that those mean sheep had moved beyond the barnyard, onto the roadside, but not yet onto the highway, back before my surgery. Too bad this amazing imaging technology was not known to me before the surgery.
I have always wanted to write but until my experience with prostate cancer, I had not found the necessary passion or confidence. I am a successful small IT business owner, with offices in US and UK. However, I stepped away from the business at 58 to pursue my health options and to maximize every minute of life, including the writing of this book.

Note to the Reader
The information within this website and the book are about my medical journey. It is not intended as and should never be used as a substitute for professional medical advice or care, and should never be used for the diagnosis or treatment of any medical condition. Always consult with trained and licensed medical professionals before deciding on a course of action or inaction, or before making any changes in your current medical plan.

What the Editor Says,

"The approach in Sheep or Wolf is insightful and generous with a healthy dose of humor added to the topic of the serious illness of prostate cancer. The book communicates and establishes from page one the author’s voice of a strong and likable man who is in touch with his own emotions in the moments of crisis within the terrifying journey. I think this unique focus will help any reader facing similar circumstance. Readers who haven’t been confronted with a cancer diagnosis may discard the author's observations and experience. But at the same time, it will speak volumes to others who’ve had to face the medical establishment, the health insurance companies, the petty disputes, and the seemingly losing battle to find a healing balm."
-Stacey Donovan • Editor •

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