Navigating paradoxes. Last October, with much higher waters, I fished this sand bank along the confluence of the Colorado River and Lake Powell not far downstream of Narrow and Cataract canyons. Aeons gone by this once untamed river calmly flowed and rampaged the landscape. These days the waters are generally stable. Following three consecutive monthly measurements, 0.016, 0.017 and 0.019 respectively, my PSA is unstable and likely indicating my cancer is once again rising towards the rampaging of my body.

Many American doctors would say my PSA is still ‘undetectable’. A few recommend hormone therapy. The European doctors I am also consulting with suggest calm awaiting advanced imaging and perhaps a fourth curative attempt. For now, I shall cherish where I am navigating these low waters and all the disparities and misinformation surrounding this deadly disease.

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